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Photographer: Olesja Mueller

Have you ever wanted to follow that dream wayyyy in the back of your mind that you’ve just been itching to chase? Well, we know someone who at this very moment is living her dreams at the tender age of 8 years old!


Ice T And Coco Publish Novels

Forget wearing his and her t-shirts, try his and her books. Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco are the newest celebs to add author to their resumes. Ice-T’s book is titled King of Vices while Coco’s book is titled Angel. While both of the books may have separate authors their story lines are not too far away from each other.  Check inside for more details on the new novels. READ MORE

Taye Diggs Introduces New Children’s Book

As a child, it took Taye Diggs time to embrace his dark complexion. Now the actor is helping children accept their differences in his new children’s book, Chocolate Me. The book, which takes on issues with skin tone, is based on a poem Diggs wrote in college about being dark-skinned.  He explains where Chocolate Me came from. READ MORE