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B2K Talk To Ebony Magazine About Being Back!

B2K are definitely making headlines with this millennium tour. It is a real experience for them, and they sat down with Ebony to talk about it. From the fans that grew up with them, their kids excited to watch them do their thing, the growth they see themselves as professional performers, to the vip b2k “Club B2K” experience after the show. Watch the interview here.


Update: B2K Have Grown and Working It Out

It was just yesterday that Raz B from the group B2K posted a video that he was leaving the tour and didn’t feel safe. Now a new video surfaces with all members assuring the fans the tour will continue with all the members; and they might not agree on alot of stuff but the common thing they agree on is the love for the supporters and fans. Watch the special video from the grown up guys here.