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Beyonce-Jay-Z-at-celebrationJay Z is a business man and after the overwhelming backlash for his decision to move forward with his holiday collab with Barneys, he met with Barneys internal advisory council to address the issue… READ MORE

GQCV00501AX0Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Collection at Barney’s is getting off to a rough start.  First Jay get bashed for selling goods at Barneys (even if it is for charity); then he decides that the sale must go on, now Barneys cancels the kick off event!  Check out some items from the Shawn Carter Collection at Barney’s below.  READ MORE

Yeezus! Please Take OFF the Confederate Flag!

Kanye West please lean in.  No, lean in closer!

I’m not sure that you understand the meaning/significance of the confederate flag.  I tend to reserve my hard learned life lessons for later in the week, so I simply prescribe Kanye take out a history book or have a handler read him a history book.  Please someone take him to the side and explain to him that we’re unsure if he is clear on the statement he is making right now.  Image below:


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Wiz Khalifa and his girlfriend the beautiful Amber Rose went on a little shopping spree the other day at the high end department store Barney’s in. From the moment he walked in the store he immediately received what I like to call the “Katrina Devort” the stink eye from the movie Juno. He went on to buy his lady a pair of $16,000 shoe she like, you would think he would gain some some respect after dropping 16 stacks but to no surprise still treated like the average guy looking to get in some trouble. READ MORE