Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Three Details!

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Mimi Faust’s sex tape released today and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Season 3 super trailer was released yesterday and it got me looking forward to the premiere that comes on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 8pm ET/PT.

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Benzino Opens Up About Family Fued, Blames Money, Jealousy & Envy!

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Rapper/Reality Star Benzino opens up about what caused all this family drama, that resulted in him being shot multiple times at his mothers funeral, by a growing feud growing between he and his now jailed nephew.

It seems money is the root of all evil.

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Gunshots Sprayed At Benzino, Reality Star Barely Escapes Fatality!!

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Reality star Benzino, who’s molded his career on high-octane antics from day one, got a real dose of realty as his own nephew tried to take him out over the weekend. Mourning the loss of his mother, it seems family drama played a major part in the attempt on Benzino’s life.

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NEW MUSIC: #LHHATL Benzino’s Fiance Althea Heart Release “Ghetto Love”

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My girl the latest and newest cast member of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Althea Heart (Benzino’s fiance) has a new smash single out called “Ghetto Love”. The new girl to the cast is not only HOT but very talented.
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Shots Fired: @KarlieRedd Goes After @IamBenzino’s Peen, Uses @IamYungJoc’s Manhood To Compare!

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VH1′s Karlie Redd is in the news again. As you know by now it was sheer pandemonium at #LHATL’s Sleazy & Zino’s ATL opening. Welp, it seems Redd is putting folks on notice and on blast. Namely Benzino and his alleged #pencild*ck,

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PHOTOS: #LLHATL Sleazy and Zino Grand Opening!

PrettyWriter1 Feb 6 14 7 Comments

DSC_1949Shout out to the big homies Stevie J and Benzino on the grand opening of their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta themed restaurant ‘Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar’. The grand opening pulled out the red carpet for Atlanta and Atlanta showed tons of love and support for the new business venture. Fans of the show and celebrities alike were in the house to see the new restaurant and sample the delicious dishes from the menu.

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FIGHT PHOTOS: Shay Johnson and Joseline’s Friend Get into FIGHT at Sleazy & Zino’s Grand Opening!

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DSC_2256Tonight I saw the most shocking sugar, honey, ice, and tea at the grand opening of Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar. Get it straight the hottest club in Atlanta owned and operated by Stevie J and Benzino opened with a bang. I am so shocked about what just went down I can’t even get the words out. It was bananas. It was so crazy. It was a girl fight and man oh man it was WILD! I feel like I am just rambling and I am not just trying to ramble but I guess I need to start from the beginning.

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#LHHATL Stevie J and Benzino Opens Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar

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The big homies Stevie J and Benzino are taking their  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta notoriety to make some business moves in the food and entertainment industry. The homies are slated to open Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar. The private, red-carpet opening will take place on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

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Artist Spotlight- BBOD

CinnamonStiXXX Nov 29 13 1 Comment

Female rap group BBOD is taking the game by storm!  They just released their new mixtape “Square Roots”.

unnamed (14)
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