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Benzino and Althea Crab Trap“Hip Hop Weekly” editor and former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member, Benzino is one blessed brother.  The homie just dodged a year in prison for bringing his loaded gun to the airport.  And since that has happened to a lot of people lately so lets not beat up on Zino because he picked up the wrong laptop.  His mind must have been busy with wedding plans and restaurant openings.   READ MORE

stevie j joseline yandy weddingLast week fans were surprised when Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez showed up together for Yandy’s wedding the day after Stevie blasted Joseline for cheating…

Stevie J Benzino

And now they have fans think their relationship is all for TV.  Where is the love? Check out what former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Benzino had to say below. READ MORE

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta FightI thought I noticed a toned down version of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season… TMZ is reporting that production sources told them the cast had to sign documents agreeing to keep their hands to themselves.  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Fight 2If not they could possibly face some pretty harsh consequences.  Get the details inside. READ MORE


As you know things got Dramatically Ratchet on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Set. There was hair pulling, biting, and cussing; but according to Benzion it was all planned. Say what?

Check out the details below. READ MORE

joseline-love-and-hip-hop-atlanta-brawlJoseline Hernandez let loose lips send her into a fury that included weave pulling and Mike Tyson biting. Could the Puerto Rican Princess be getting the BOOT from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?
Check out the details below. READ MORE

Benzino, Thi Thi

Althea is the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Character with a sex tape and the beef between she and Joseline Hernandez has spilled over on Stevie J and Benzino. The once best friends are beefing big time on Twitter. The girls are fist fighting at the Reunion Show.

Check out the details below. READ MORE



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