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Drake At The Top!

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According to Drake’s instagram post this morning, he is excited to announce that he has held the #1 spot on two types of the BillBoard categories consecutively for over a month. Views has done numbers on scales that I am sure Drake never imagined it would! The album is amazing and that has definitely shown through the number of recent listens and sales.

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Drake posted that the album “V I E W S” is on the Billboard 200 for the 6th week in a row and his single “One Dance” is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the 5th week in a row! Can you say a m a z i n g?

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There is always criticism and for this particular album it came from two different angles, some thought it wasn’t “hard” enough and some thought it was great how it was. Drake always gets a lot of heat for allegedly “pretending” to be something that he is not through his songs but personally I think this album was definitely is Drake. He makes songs that you can just cruise to in your car and they are usually very sentimental which is perfectly fine!

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I love his angle in the industry and I am very proud of him!

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Congrats Drake!

Taylor Swift’s “1989” Does WEEZY Numbers


Taylor_Swif_1989_2Taylor Swift is not only topping the charts with her latest album, “1989”, she’s putting an exclamation point on it. Just as reports were flooding the internet regarding lackluster album sales, Swift has buried the competition.  No other artist has charted platinum album sales this year, yet Taylor Swift has managed to go platinum in one week.  She’s putting up numbers like Eminem and Lil Wayne!

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Drake Snags Spot from the Legendary Beatles!!!!!


You wouldn’t expect to hear the Drake and The Beatles in the same sentence, but he shares a pretty big accomplishment in common with the famed group. The Toronto born rapper has surpassed the Beatles for MOST appearances on the Billboard Hot 100.
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