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VIDEO: Steve Harvey Spazzes Over Pizza On His Birthday

Steve Harvey seemed to spazzed out over pizza that his staff ordered for lunch on his birthday, as he turned 63 on January 17.

When another staff member had some questions about the order and tried to ask Steve, he appeared to get annoyed and began cursing at her.


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Kandi throws Todd an epic throwback High School 45th Birthday Party. View full event photos here.

Mz Shyneka continues to rise taking the airwaves by storm. Shyneka’s crazy, sassy, cool and up to date entertainment news makes her an industry favorite. So brought in another year at Suite Lounge in Atlanta, Ga. Check out photos from the night inside!


Kandi Burress threw husband Todd Tucker a wild ‘Jordans and Jerseys’ themed party for his 45th birthday. View photos inside!



Dr Ron celebrated his birthday party last night at Fogo De Chao, it was definitely epic ! The Doc hosted his private party with close family and friends, check out the pictures from the party !



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