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Recently there was a little debate via twitter with Roland Martin, Boris Kodjoe, and other twitter highly opinionated people. The subject of the matter involving the church being hypocritical, gays and human circumstances that are out of ones control. Check out what the debate that got many tweeters rowdy and involved in a rather heated conversation.

@rolandsmartin Ur right Ro. Still the real issue is the constant taboos and perpetuating secrets in the black community and church.

@rolandsmartin We need 2 change this antiquated belief and embrace everyone regardless of their sexual orientation! 2 me God loves everyone!

@rolandsmartin Only if we stop persecuting and judging, will people feel free and confident to embrace their true selves!! No more lies!

RT @GinaMontana_: @BorisKodjoe Agree with u. We need more open dialogue. It’s funny bc he was SO anti gay.READ MORE

NBC Cancels Boris Kodjoe New Show “Undercovers”


I know Boris Kodjoe is pissed after selling his house in Atlanta and moving back to LA and now NBC has canceled his new TV show “Undercovers.” According to, the network has declined additional episodes for the freshman spousal spy drama. The cancellation news follows another ratings low for the series on Wednesday night after it slipped to a one-point-three rating in the 18-49 demographic. Directed by J.J. Abrams, the series was considered groundbreaking for featuring two black actors in leading roles. The series will remain on NBC’s schedule for the next several weeks with its last original episode scheduled for December 1st. The fate of the remaining episodes of “Undercovers” is unknown. It becomes the second new NBC series to fall under the cancellation axe this season following the cancellation of the Jimmy Smits legal drama “Outlaw.”