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Britney Spears can finally pull up a chair at the “X Factor” judges’ table. E! News reports the pop star has officially signed the long-rumored, 15-million-dollar deal with the Fox show. A source close to Spears says both sides have been hammering out the smaller details over the past few weeks, but Britney is “beyond excited” now that the contract has been inked. Spears is filling one of the spots left vacant when Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were let go from the U.S. version of the “X Factor” after its debut season. READ MORE

Britney Spears 30-year-old mother of two has reportedly reached a deal with “The X Factor” that will give her 15-million dollars to take a seat at the judges’ table. A source close to the situation say that the pop star and Simon Cowell’s show have agreed upon the deal, but nothing has been signed yet. READ MORE

“Forbes” magazine’s 2011 list of The Top-Earning Women in Music just came out and we wanted to make sure you new who was on it. Few women in the music industry make money like Beyonce and Rihanna.

The pop superstars are in the top five of “Forbes” list of 2011’s Top Earning Women in Music. Beyonce checks in at number four, as she made 35-million dollars between May of 2010 and May of 2011. Rihanna comes in at number five with 29-million dollars during that same time span. Alicia Keys also makes “Forbes'” list this year. She finished in a tie for tenth with Britney Spears with ten-million dollars. Topping “Forbes'” list is pop megastar Lady Gaga, who made 90-million dollars. Pop-country star Taylor Swift is second with 45-million dollars, while Katy Perry’s third with 44-million dollars. READ MORE

A list of big name stars are coming together to help raise awareness of a famine in East Africa. Celebs who are going to be a part of the noteworthy cause include Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, U2, Mariah Carey and Coldplay. Are you wondering how they’re all going to help? Thanks to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, these celebs will send out tweets and/or Facebook statuses to get their followers to download Kevin McDonald’s High Tide Or Low Tide from iTunes for a $1.29. READ MORE

PTC Upset Over Rihanna, Britney Performance

Rihanna and Britney Spears‘ performance at last Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards has drawn the ire of the Parents Television Council. The Council’s president, Tim Winter, says “What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas,” adding that their rendition of Rihanna’s “S&M” had “no place” airing on ABC. Winter goes on to describe the performance as “profanity-laced,” and accuses the two pop superstars of targeting teens with sexually explicit “images and lyrics.” According to E! News, the Parents Television Council is now asking parents to contact ABC and their sponsors to ask if the performance represents their image.

Rihanna and Britney’s performance made headlines earlier this week when it was revealed that the two shared a kiss while still on stage. It is not known if ABC edited the smooch out of its broadcast or if cameras just failed to capture the moment.

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The remix for Britney Spears’ song “Til The World Ends” has enough star power to dwarf our own sun. Spears teams with Nicki Minaj and the song’s original writer, Ke$ha, for a hip hop-infused dance anthem that puts enough of a spin on the original version to make it worth a spin on its own. Minaj drops a set of rap lyrics in the opener, while Ke$ha gets in on the iconic chorus. READ MORE