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Stevie J recently had a car accident


Recently, songwriter/producer/reality TV star, Stevie J was involved in a car accident. Sources say Stevie claims its not his fault, however, the driver of the vehicle involved wants to take legal action. READ MORE

Paul Walker Instagram 1

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker died at 40 years old in a terrible car accident in California on Saturday afternoon.  He had been spending a lot of time in Atlanta lately filming the 7th installment of the Fast & Furious franchise and Ludacris posted a heartfelt message about his longtime friend Paul Walker below.

Lamar Odom Has A Car Accident In NYC

According to sources, Lamar Odom was in Queens, NY  for his cousin’s funeral this week. This is the same reason why his wife Khloe was unable to participate in R&B singer Monica’s wedding. Khloe was then replaced with Koby Bryant’s wife, Vanessa. Meanwhile, this past Thursday, Odom was in a car wreck! Lamar was NOT driving but instead was being driven by a car service while on his way to a barbershop in his old neighborhood.

The car hit a motorcyclist along with a 15 year old boy and left both of them seriously injured. The motorcyclist and the 15 year old pedestrian are currently being treated at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. READ MORE

Tyrese Ok After Miami Car Accident

tyrese gibson 090109
R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson is doing just fine following a car accident in Miami, Florida on Monday. The front end of the singer’s car was damaged, while the SUV belonging to the other driver flipped over. It is unclear how the accident happened, but it didn’t prevent Tyrese and the other driver from enjoying the rest of their day. Following the accident the R&B star tweeted, quote, “Mother of five left without 1 scratch and we ended up hangin at the spa for a massage.” No word on whether any charges have been filed.
Tyrese Gibson will be back in theaters on January 22nd when he stars in the film “Legion.” His last album was 2006’s “Alter Ego.”