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DJ Khalid: Newest Member Of Cash Money


Cash Money is becoming the label of the times, with huge names like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Bow Wow. Now…they have inked another super producer; Def Jam South President DJ Khaled (August 20). I think everyone saw the work that Baby and Cash Money/Young Money put in to get to this point, and its like they are working like they never made a dollar. That’s that grind, you know? In a tweet yesterday, Khaled expressed his excitement on becoming the newest member of Cash Money.

“Its getting serious my lawyer theo and cash money lawyer vernin brown just landed from a helicopter to make this meeting! $wethebestforever,” he tweeted Thursday afternoon.

“This cash money we the best meeting is getting real interesting!”

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Baby Surprises Nicki Minaj With Chanel

Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj

Birdman visited Nicki Minaj on the set of her new video bearing gifts.  Of course, its a nice gesture, but who does that? Who gives Chanel watches on a video set? I bet Drake gets NONE of this!!  Here are some behind the scenes shots of Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj  on the set of the new video “2012”.. Here are all the pics and video READ MORE


Rihanna hasn’t been able to get a break these past few days…  It seems like lately RiRi’s luck hasn’t been that good, her new album which is considered a flop doesn’t make it any better. Controversies and major promotional tours  no longer count when it comes to sailing albums, because Rihanna’s “Rated R” album is failing. I was told that the album “is a like a bad Rock N Roll album, off key“, – by one of Atlanta’s top record stores mangers … After all the interviews,the publicity,the name-brand producers, writers, and big budget music videos “Rated R” is expected to sell a measly 160K in her first week. Her record is now on sale for 99 cents. While Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ is estimated to sell around 550,000 units and will be taking the top of the charts.

Kredible Alerts is reporting that Rihanna attended the launch party for Cash Money artist Jay Sean this past Friday in London. A source says Rihanna looked ready to party and was dancing, until the DJ played a Chris Brown song, which prompted her to return to her table, gather her entourage and leave the party. The source told Britain Magazine, the DJ was insensitive and probably played the song to get a reaction.  WOW… I think in the end she’s growing up and maybe we are being to hard on her…