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The big homie Cee Lo Green got a hot new album celebrating the beauty of girl power with his forthcoming album entitled “Girl Power.” 

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Musical Chairs: Usher Replaces CeeLo On The Voice

Usher singingThe Voice is playing musical chairs with R&B/Pop stars Usher and CeeLo Green. READ MORE

Cee Lo Drops the F-Bomb in Chattanooga, Tennessee


The big homie Cee Lo  feels terrible after being banned from a music festival in Chattanooga, TN for dropping too many f-bombs on stage.  He is asking for forgiveness.

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Usher and Shakira have confirmed that they both will be returning for season six of “The Voice.” READ MORE

New Video: T.I. Featuring Cee-Lo Green – “Hello”


The big homie T.I.’s new video “Hello” featuring Cee-Lo Green is out. It’s hot and encompass the wisdom of T.I and the entire Harris family.
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T.I. and the crew show us what a family hustle really means on this episode of The Family Hustle.” READ MORE