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Who new the Kardashian family had a musical back ground. Sources report Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe might just have “The X Factor” producers are looking for to host the Fox singing competition. READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez has been dating her 25-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart for the past seven months, but a dancer at Hollywood nightclub Boulevard3 is making claims that Smart is gay and only using Lopez for her fame and fortune.


RadarOnline reports that Joshua Lee Ayers, who worked with Smart in the 2010 dance movie “Step Up 3D,” has been attempting to “out” Smart on his Twitter account for months.


Ayers began his campaign regarding Smart’s sexual orientation in March, when he saw fans on Twitter asking Smart how he comes up with his choreography, and Ayers responded with accusations that “He stealz them off of other choreographers….” READ MORE

Kobe Gets Walking Papers and New Address!

Vanessa gets to keep the Mansion!

Ex-couple Have reached a settlement. Kobe gets a new address and word on the streets is he’s not as RICH or should I say “VERY RICH” as everyone thinks! Kobe is worth more like $150 Million and not $400 Million as everyone thought. Remember Kobe lost a TON of endorsement money with the whole SEX SCANDAL allegations a while back. Who’s Worse? Kobe or Tiger Woods?