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The drama surrounding Charlie Sheen has come to an end in at least one way: he was killed on his former hit show Two and a Half Men. In last night’s season opener, screenwriters killed his character with a subway train! What had happened was Charlie’s character, Charlie Harper, ran away with his neighbor Rose to get married in Paris. Once she found him cheating with another woman, she pushed him in front of an oncoming train and, “his body exploded like a balloon full of meat,” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Charlie Sheen was fired back in March for badmouthing his bosses in a number of highly-publicized interviews. The producers definitely had their fun with killing him off.

The episode began with a funeral scene in which Jon Cryer’s character, Alan Harper, said that it was a sad day for everyone.

“Speak for yourself,” one woman shouted from the audience.

Ashton Kitcher has replace Charlie Sheen on the show and we’ll see if he goes off the deep end too!

In other Charlie Sheen news, after suing Warner Brothers for $100 million (see here), they have reached a settlement for $25 million. He sued for lost wages and punitive damages. I wonder where we’ll see ol’ Charlie go.

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Charlie Sheen Gets Booed Off Stage In Detroit!

Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth didn’t quite hit its target on its opening night in Detroit and his “fans” let him know so.

Check out the video (below) to witness for yourself the intense reaction the Warlock got from the crowd as he tried to lay some truth down on them. We imagine this was around the point where Charlie decided he had enough of the trolls and booked it out of there with all their money in hand.

Because remember – you all paid good money to see this man do his “thing” without having any idea what his “thing” was going to be. Can you say losing…. LOL Here’s the video what you think? READ MORE


Tueday night Charlie Sheen was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show, to discuss everything that has transpired in his life over the past months and the new found fame of selling out concerts just rambling on about pretty much “nothing”. Whatever he is doing the people are buying into him.

At the same exact time the show was featuring, somewhere in a Georgia home, a young lady happened to be channel surfing late night trying to find something to watch when she stumbled on The Jimmy Kimmel Show around the exact moment that Charlie Sheen planted a huge kiss on Jimmy’s lips. The young lady’s boyfriend  David O’Hara walked in on that scene and immediately became enraged. Conceiving the notions that his girlfriend was condoning homosexuality.


He begins yelling at his girlfriend and initiates threats. After an escalated argument O’hara goes to reach for his gun points it at her head making more threats and demeaning her for her actions. They have a 14 year old daughter together and she also fell a victim to O’hara’s gun threatening escapade. It is very apparent that David O’hara is a homophobe, but that doesn’t give you the right or reason to resort to fatal violence because a man kisses another man as a prank. Had David O’hara knew the details before blowing up he wouldn’t have to sit in the  Quitman County jail to reflect on his attempted murder actions.



The war between Charlie Sheen and his bosses are about to get even crazy. Sheen has now filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers for breach of contract in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday. The papers, filed by Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer, indicate he’s not only demanding payment for the scrapped Two and a Half Men episodes, but he’s also seeking damages on behalf of the show’s crew.

The lawsuit states that: “Lorre, one of the richest men in television who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, believes himself to be so wealthy and powerful that he can unilaterally decide to take money away from the dedicated cast and crew of the popular television series Two and a Half Men in order to serve his own ego and self-interest, and make the star of the Series the scapegoat for Lorre’s own conduct.”

Sheen, is seeking more than $100 million for the lost salaries plus punitive damages, alleges he put up with years of Lorre “humiliating, harassing and disparaging” him, and was punished by Lorre for speaking out after Lorre allegedly refused to write scripts to complete the 2010-2011 season.Sheen has done countless interviews, and now has added a funny new video for to the list. Here’s the video and the rest of the story.

The Lawsuit States:

“Warner Brothers capitulated to Lorre’s egotistical desire to punish Mr. Sheen and to stop work on the Series for the rest of the season, READ MORE

So it looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta are either trying to add extra drama so that Bravo will give them more money next year or the NeNe / Kim beef is just really getting out of hand (which I know for a fact). It all started over Kim and NeNe going on a road trip and NeNe telling how she REALLY felt about Kim.

If you know NeNe you know she don’t take  no mess and will go off like there is no tomorrow when she is mad. All the girls have their contracts and have been asked back. In fact they are supposed to start taping in 2 months for the new season but the issue is that NeNe and Kim are now refusing to tape together. READ MORE

Charlie Sheen Spent More Than $500,000 On Escorts


And I thought I liked to trick of some money well after taking notes from Mr. Sheen I got a lot to learn. Charlie Sheen spent more than $500,000 on escorts and drugs in the six months before he checked into rehab, is exclusively reporting. The troubled Two And A Half Men star was said to have consumed mountains of cocaine and other drugs as he partied uncontrollably, according to sources within Sheen’s inner circle.

“He spent a fortune… his preference is to smoke the cocaine,” a close friend told READ MORE