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I Caught Him Cheating!


You remember the story that I wrote not to long ago on Iggy Azalea and Nick Young, right? Yes, well there is more to know because, last I checked they broke up because she just speculated that he was cheating. Well, it is now out that she actually caught him on tape cheating and this is why she claims to have good reason for not trusting him.

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Iggy tweeted again as she always does about her relationship letting people know why she broke up with him and how finding out that he cheated affected her. Here’s the thing, I do not diminish anyone’s feelings of heartbreaks because I know for a fact that it is the worst feeling in the world to have. However, I do question the extent in which all this occurred.


Iggy went on to say that she doesn’t even know who she fell in love with and so on which could be true but I want to know if there were any signs that she ignored perhaps?


Also, she is supposedly a musical artist correct? So why doesn’t she cope or use this set back as ammunition to make some more music. I mean literally every time we hear Iggy’s name now it is attached to Nick’s and their “relationship”. I feel as though she’s losing the entire reason for even being in the public eye. Don’t you think? Or am I thinking to in depth?



Are you that wifey that found out her hubby fathered a child with another woman during your marriage? Typically, he’ll try to make sure the other woman doesn’t have the baby…so not to disrupt home. But when the side-chick decides to keep the baby, all HELL can break loose!


Cheating?…What You MUST Realize!


Unfortunately, this topic hits home for many relationships. It is NOT important to focus on “why” a person cheats, but rather the unintended consequences of cheating and how to move forward. To be very clear…a person who cheats does so because they want to. It’s as simple as that! So don’t focus on why. Once exposed, the dynamics of the relationship can change considerably. To get straight to the point, here is what a cheater MUST realize…



Gospel Royalty Mary Mary is coming back to We TV for their third season of reality tv. This season is sure to be full of drama as Trina Campbell publicly deals with her husband Teddy’s infidelity. Can this power group keep it together while handling the storms that we call life?

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Something fishy is going on in Atlanta schools. Just this past week the former Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall and 34 other former educators were indicted for lying about test scores. Read more inside to figure out why they lied about the test scores. READ MORE

Reality superstar Kim Kardashian has always said that she and Kanye West were just friends. But is that really so?

In an interview with Star magazine, Kanye’s ex girlfriend reveals that she separated from Kanye because of Kim Kardashian’s “devious cheating ways.” named “Amber Rose,” Kanye’s ex also added that Kim is the main reason why she and Kanye were not together anymore. So now we know why Amber Rose & Reggie Bush was getting it in!!! Amber also said that Kim is a homewrecker. READ MORE

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