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VIDEO: Chief Keef Evicted for Being A Bad Boy!


Chief Keef wants the world to know he was not evicted for being poor but for being a  BAD young boy.

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The little homie Chief Keef instagramed a photo of himself holding an AK-47 and implying that something is getting ready to happen. You can guess it a victim is sitting in ICU and we are all shaking our heads wondering WHY would you instagram a crime before it happens. When Instagram GOES WRONG!

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Chief Keef Gets Out of Jail Early


The homie Chief Keef is a free man for good behavior/conduct.

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Chief Keef Evicted By Uncle


Paying bills can be added to the lists of things ish Chief Keef doesn’t like.

The young rapper is being sued by Georghe Simoniah-Sas, who is his uncle and the landlord of the mansion he’s been renting.

According to the suit, Keef has not rent paid on his Illinois 5,100 square foot, 6 bedroom, 5.5 bath home that is valued over $1 million for the months of July and Augusta.

Simoniak-Sas is suing for eviction and the 9,400 in back rent that he’s owed.


Written by Danie Buchanan


The homie Chief Keef is in the news again; he has failed to pay child support. According to Chief Keef’s baby mama he’s a DEADBEAT that has not paid any child support but he walks around with stacks of cash in his pockets.

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50 Cents on Chief Keef: “He Didn’t Listen!”


Chief Keef stays turnt up and the big homie 50 Cent says that he just won’t listen to sound advice.

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