Love & Hip-Hop Star Stevie J. Owes Millions In Child Support

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Stevie J Child SupportAs they say, ____ JUST GOT REAL for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality TV star Stevie J.  According to AllHipHop and the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement, Stevie J is $1,158,391.00 behind in his CHILD SUPPORT!  Based on some exclusive details… Stevie J owes 20 times the amount owed when he left New York in 1992 and could face jail time if he does not take care of this!!!   We certainly hope Stevie works things out!  I’m mean come on, what would Love and Hip Hop Atlanta be without Stevie J and the ladies on his bus???  Check out the court documents below!!! Read More »

Jermaine Jackson -You Got Served!!! Pay Child Support or Go To Jail

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I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson, oooooo I am FORREAL!!!”

Well, well, well…it has been stated that Jermaine Jackson might just be joining the inmates at the L.A. County Jail if he doesn’t double up on his back child support.

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Terrell Owens Gets Iyanla Vanzant To Fix His Life

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Any man that went from practically being on top of the world to being jobless and broke needs to sit and examine some things about their life, and TO is doing just that.

Terrell Owens went from being a star football player and playboy to loosing it all, and now he’s ready to figure out just what went wrong with the help of Iyanla Vanzant and OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life. Read More »

Baby Mama Drama: Mothers Of Nate Dogg’s Children Fight Over Child Support

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Two mothers of  Nate Dogg’s children are at odds with each other over child support payments from the late rapper’s estate.

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Future’s Baby Mama Demands More Child Support

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The baby mama drama for Future will never be over it seems. This time, it’s because his baby mama wants more child support from him. Look inside for more details. Read More »

Future, You ARE The Father!

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Future can officially say, I am the father. He took a DNA test to prove he is the father of his 10 year old son. There has been a lot of controversy about this and even some beef between baby mama and new girlfriend Ciara. Read More »

Chief Keef Has Alleged Baby Mama Drama With Middle School Girl Sued For Child Support

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Chief Keef who is 17 year old rapper is already part of the baby mama drama. He allegedly has a child with a middle schooler who is filing for child support.  Read More »

Chad Johnson Still Rich & Unemployed

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Chad Johnson is not longer employed  with the NFL team but he is still getting an income of over $66,000 a month. Read More »

Terrell Owens Community Service Hours Complete

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Terrell Owens finally finished up his community service hours he was ordered to do as a court order. Check out where he did his 8 hours. Read More »