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Evander Holyfield Owes 500K In Child Support

More money or no money, more problems?! Evander Holyfield‘s major money and debt continues. As reported by TMZ, he is currently held in contempt of court for failing to pay more than half a million dollars in back child support. READ MORE

The mother of Chris Bosh’s first born, Alison Mathis, is airing their dirty laundry.


In an exclusive interview with Gossip Extra Alison explains how it was Chris’ idea to have their baby out of wedlock, but that he’d promised her mother and his mother that they would eventually wed.


In the video below we find out Chris ended up marrying someone else and putting her through a bitter legal fight over visitation and child support instead.


Alison also says Chris is a totally different person than the man she lived with while he played for the Toronto Raptors. READ MORE

Halle Berry Ordered to Pay Child Support

Some of Halle Berry’s movie money will be going to Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry.   A judge has just ordered the actress to pay nearly a quarter of a million bucks a year in child support.  Lawyers for Halle and Gabriel were in court Monday, and sources connected with Gabriel tell TMZ … the family law judge ordered Halle to pay Nahla’s daddy $20,000 a month.  Although Nahla is 4, until Monday there was never a child support order issued by a judge, but now one is in place.  We’re told both sides are still at war, and they will soon be battling in court over whether Halle can take Nahla and move to Paris.

Flavor Flav Not Going To Jail Over Back Child Support

Flavor Flav is still a free man after reportedly paying enough back child support to stay out of jail.


According to TMZ, the Public Enemy hype man was in Albany County Family Court on Tuesday where sources say he handed over 25-thousand dollars to Angie Parker, the mother of three of his seven children.


Flav reportedly owed more than 111-thousand dollars in child support, and was looking at a possible 180 days behind bars if he was unable to fork over enough cash to appease the court. READ MORE


While some parts of his life appear to be falling apart, some things are going right for Swizz Beatz. Sources are saying that he has finally reached an agreement on child support with his baby mama over in London.  The process to get a child support agreement for his 3-year old daughter Nicole has been a long and dragged out one. Sources were sure to confirm that Swizz had been paying interim support for his daughter so don’t get it twisted and try to make the man out to be a dead beat dad. READ MORE

Terrell Owens May Go To Jail Over Child Support

Looks like Terrell Owens may be headed to the slammer over failure to pay child support. TO’s baby mama Melanie Paige Smith has filed a petition with a judge to throw him in jail for not paying a $5,000 a month stipend. Owens has not paid for the months of August or September and didn’t pay the full child support payment for June and July. Terrell blames the NFL lockout, saying he’s only able to pay half of the monthly stipend. The judge could decide to jail TO and force him to pay all back child support and lawyers’ fees, but we’ll have to await that decision to come down.

Terrell Owens is the star of the T.O. Show on VH1

He says he doesn’t have it, do you believe him? Should he be allowed to pay less in child support?

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