Chilli came to Luda’s restaurant Straits Atlanta to promote her new reality show, “What Chilli Wants” which premiered on VH1 this past weekend. It seems like its going to be very interesting…not your typical “looking for love” show. Chilli has brought in love expert Tionna Smalls to help her find the one thing she wants most…a man…or moreso a HUSBAND.

The challenge is made difficult by Chilli’s checklist of things she EXPECTS in her man…NO pork, NO alcohol, NO smoking, and NO more than 2 baby mamas. That knocks out about 75% of men. He situation is complicated  by my man,  champion boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather who fits all the checks on her checklist…including ONLY 2 baby mamas. You can find Chili’s new reality show on VH1, Sundays at 10:30pm.