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The 2016 BET Awards was epic and by far one of the best awards the Network has done so far. The show was hosted by “Black-ish” stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross who’s great  chemistry and playfulness energized fans and prepared audiences at the Microsoft Theater and across the world for a fun show. The show was hot from start with Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar getting everyone in formation to the close out with the beautiful Sheila E honoring her mentor and friend Prince. I can recap the in between and share my behind the scenes photos after the break. READ MORE

Rapper and Fashion Icon is truly pushing the envelope these days and having everyone talking. The mastermind of so many concepts have jumped into the arena of controversy again with his dope new video entitled “Famous”.

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How Far Will This Go?




So I haven’t been on social media for a while but I know that everyone saw the mess going on with Chris Brown. Not only was he in a social media argument again with Karrueche’s manager Jacob York but he also has serious charges against him from his ex manager, Mike G. It’s true people really change up like the seasons because everything is taking a turn.

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I have no idea as to what actually made Chris go off very childishly on Jacob York but I’m starting to think the issue is deeper than just Karrueche. It is obvious that he still loves and cares for her but things now are just being drawn out too far.


As for his managers situation Chris fired him because apparently he was stealing money from him and he claims this is why the charges of him beating him up are against him. I don’t know about you, #teambreezy, but I’m kind of disappointed as a Chris Brown fan at the moment. I really wish he would just go back to putting all this energy into his music and sing his heart out, that is all.


So many people want to see him fall and I really hope he sees the big picture soon because it seems his enemies have the upper hand right now. Please don’t let them get the best of you Chris the only people that matter are your family and fans, especially your daughter #Royalty! Can’t wait for new music!


Blessings On Blessings!

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Chris Brown continues to skyrocket with is his career as we have recently found out that his clothing line: “Black Pyramid” is now being sold in Macy’s! All of #TeamBreezy are very proud of him (including myself) and hope that he continues to get offers such as these. Who has bought their first piece of BLACK PYRAMID clothing?

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The multi talented R&B artist is still on his journey in finding his way in life as we all are, correct? i say this because also recently, there were memes and screenshots going around today about him and Kevin Mccall, again, going back and forth but he is so irrelevant and so are his comments about Chris. I really need Chris to stop entertaining the bs, so we can all continue to watch him prosper graciously.

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I know that the most important person in his life is his daughter and he just needs to work on emphasizing that with not feeding into these devils coming at him from left and right. I am so happy that this Macy’s appearance happened for him though because it is God showing himself once again.

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No matter what the haters say, if God wants you in a certain position, then that is where you will be.

It is less about what you deserve and more about what your purpose is. Just stay humble Chris, we love you and #TeamBreezy will never stop supporting you!

Keep inspiring, you are a legend!



Is It Even Legal To Sue For A Hat?


Certain things that happen in the entertainment world are very much so uncalled for. I know being famous makes you appealing and enticing but will people really do anything to get their hands on some money and/or to be in the media?

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This past week as we all know Chris Brown is on his One Hell of a nite Tour: Europe Edition, with his crew, “OHB”. Well, he was being goofy as usual and took a picture talking about his friend enjoying himself, and in the picture he had a hat on that apparently now he is being sued for “stealing”. This headline actually blew my mind in the most irritating way possible. Why would you sue for a hat? Then to top it off he wants $2700 for it!


Can you believe that? Yes, this is actual madness that we are living in. Chris of course commented on the subject and said that he will give him a hat from his clothing line, BlackPyramid. He also said in many more words than one that people should stop wasting his time being petty.

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Chris is in the media a lot more than I would like him to be. Obviously in this case he cannot control who wants to sue him but I just want him to go M.I.A. for about 6 months so this next album can actually be quality. I want another platinum album I want music like “Chris Brown, Exclusive, and Graffiti” because that is where he belongs!

I love Chris to death but I need him to do some soul searching and avoid this limelight for a minute because it will be those same people who are egging him on now to be anticipating the fall of his career (God Forbid)!

With that being said we all will keep him in our prayers and good spirits!


Nia Guzman Still Spilling Tea?


This post really disturbs my soul to write about because lord knows I try to always have so much hope for the guys with good hearts, but I just don’t know this time. So you all know how I spoke on the Nia Guzman and Chris Brown drama, right? Well, she still has more to say. She has came out with more tea than just about his mother throwing him under the bus, because apparently that comment Chris made through social media about their daughter’s attire put her over the edge. Why you might ask?


Chris Brown And His Baby Mama At It Again?


Okay, Chris Brown and his baby momma Nia Gonzalez aka (Nia Amey), clearly can’t seem to get it together. Apparently, TMZ, posted an article this morning where they clearly gave false information about their custody situation. Nia stepped on to social media to clarify a few things and one of the first was that this is not a war between anyone. She even spilled tea on who advised her additional concern for baby Royalty, and guess who that was?

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Well from the looks of her post it seems as though it was Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce. Nia claims that after their last agreement about who would watch Royalty and what company to have around her and what company not to have around her, they were good. Until that is Chris’s mama apparently had things to say negatively about Chris and his lifestyle around baby Royalty.

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However, what really got Nia stirred up is the fact that Mama Joyce tried to flip the script when everything was finally coming out. All in all, this is too much and it isn’t necessary for us to know the in’s and out’s of people’s relationships. These are people’s lives and I know for a fact that if what Nia is claiming is true there will be problems if their already weren’t prior to this news, between Chris and his mother Joyce.

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We wish this situation peace and clarity for the sake of precious baby Royalty, because this is all affecting her whether they know it or not!


Daddy Chris Back At It!


Apparently Chris Brown had some comments to say about baby Royalty today. Baby Royalty takes dance classes and of course in dance class you wear leotards correct? Well, Chris had strong feelings about the picture that his baby mother posted of her sitting on the floor in her dance uniform because he felt it was inappropriate. What do you all think he said?

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Chris commented under the picture and said that he doesn’t think the picture is appropriate. However, Royalty’s mother felt different about it because she thinks that the picture is very innocent. She let Chris know that just because the world put negative stereotypes on everything that isn’t going to stop her nor her daughter from living their lives how they would like to.


How do you all feel about this because it could go a lot of ways. I don’t think the picture was provocative at all but we all know how protective fathers are. Does he have a right to feel the way he does? Of course that’s his daughter but simultaneously he can’t protect her from everything. It’s obvious that this journey of him being a father he will learn that the hard way.


We wish them the best!