Chris Brown May Miss Court Hearing, Authorities To Blame?

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Chris Brown may miss his court date today. But get this he’s may miss his court hearing while in police custody. Huh? WHAT???
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Chris Brown Stars In Reality Version of “Con Air”

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AP69738153402 I swear the authorities kill me with the time and money they are putting into this Chris Brown DC debacle. It seems they are transporting him “Con-Air” style. And reports suggest he’s absolutely miserable about it. Read More »

Chris Brown Sends Personal Message To Fans Via Karruche & I.G.!

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Chris Brown Toy Drive 6

Chris Brown sends love to his fans through his former — or current (I can’t keep up) girl Karruche Tran.

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Legal Eagles: @ChrisBrown Legal Team Settles w/ DC Beat-Downer!

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Chris Brown Tatoo

Chris Brown and his legal team are pulling a move that might get embattled singer out of his DC drama.

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Chris Brown Adorns “Orange Is The New Black,” In New Courtroom Footage [Video]

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Screenshot 2014-03-18 at 11.38.11 AM

We “warrant” surprised that Chris Brown got locked up after his recent courtroom blunder. Were you? I find video of Chris showing love for the hit show “Orange Is The New Black” at his court appearance more interesting.

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Chris Brown Refuses To Do Right, Judge Revokes Probation

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It’s Groundhogs day. Chris Brown is back in jail AGAIN!! Chile…

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Chris Brown Secretly Met w/ Rihanna During Rehab Stint, Karruche Bails!

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Now that the dust has settled a bit we find out more on what happened between Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown. And it seem Rihanna was, and is, at the center of their break-up.

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Is Tina Davis Trying To Sabotage @ChrisBrown?

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Tina Davis and Chris Brown have been the subject of gossip fodder since the very beginning of their career. And though I didn’t know Davis and Brown aren’t working together, would Tina try to sabotage Chris’ career?

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Chris Brown Sued For Gang Fight At Basketball Court

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Chris Brown Tatoo

It’s just in that my big homie Chris Brown is being sued for an alleged “Gang beating” at a 24 hour fitness gym. The big homie can’t seem to catch a break. Was he not just in rehab. Shouldn’t he be getting a break from past behavior? According to the dude that got beat up last summer the answer is a BIG FAT NO!

Check out the details below.

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