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Cuba Gooding Jr. is receiving some social media backlash for lifting up the dress of Sarah Paulson during a panel discussion event. Cuba, Sarah and other American Horror Story cast mates were promoting the new season at Paleyfest. A clip has gone viral of Cuba, jokingly lifting up the bottom of Sarah’s dress. Sarah seemed to laugh at Cuba.



It should be no surprise that the premiere of “The People V. O.J. Simpson:American Crime Story” caught the attention of many viewers. However this time, it was the remake of the infamous trial turned into a TV series that did it. The show stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as he plays the notorious O.J Simpson.



Director Ava Duvernay alongside Paramount Pictures will release the “Selma” movie for free in Selma Alabama. The historical movie that recounts the moving story that changed history and lives took place in Selma Alabama and it seems fitting that the good people of Selma get to experience this beautiful film for free.

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Paramount Pictures presents the epic story of’ “SELMA” on the big screen. Atlanta is one of the few cities that will get the gift of a great movie and a compelling story on Christmas Day.

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Cuba Gooding Jr Cast as OJ Simpson


Ryan Murphy, the creator and producer behind American Horror Story and Glee, has cast Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson in his upcoming 10 episode miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. SimpsonSarah Paulson has also been cast as prosecutor Marcia Clark.

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Oprah Winfrey stays busy. How does she do it all? She is the head of her OWN which is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!

She has a new film coming out with Forest Whitaker called “The Butler“.

She is on the cover of Essence Magazine June 2013 issue with her 2nd BFF Tyler Perry.

O stays #WINNING!

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Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is a being sought by police in New Orleans for allegedly shoving a female Bourbon Street bartender early Tuesday morning. Gooding, was with friends at The Olde Absinthe House when he flipped out on some tourists trying to take his picture, police said.
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Cuba Gooding Jr. is in the news for all the wrong reasons after sources say he walked into a bar and allegedly groped some groupies, and is catching heat after a statement he made about Tom Cruise and his Sexuality…

During a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Cuba Gooding Jr. reminisced about his time on The Jerry Maguire Movie set. His father came for an innocent visit and little did Gooding know things were about to get extremely awkward. While introducing him to costar Tom Cruise, his father questioned the actor’s sexual orientation.

“He gave Tom Cruise a hug and said, ‘I love you man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?” Gooding, 45, recalled, “I almost fainted. And I thought, ‘Please Lord, let me disappear.’”

Luckily, the 49-year-old did not take Gooding’s father’s unexpected comment as an insult. According to the actor, Cruise laughed and simply responded, “No.” It is a good thing Cruise is so down-to-earth or else the rest of production would have been painfully uncomfortable for the two actors.

At the time of this incident, Cruise was still happily married to actress Nicole Kidman.

Cuba who is mairred with kids according to three women in New Mexico, Cuba Gooding Jr. was wasted when sexually assaulted them  at the Bar. The women say he harassed all of them at Maloney’s Tavern in Albuquerque and they have pictures to prove it.

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