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Farrah Abraham will be facing off with Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander for her highly anticipated boxing match against bullying on Nov. 10, at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel. The fight’s promoter, Damon Feldman, released an official announcement revealing that Farrah and Hoopz will be the main event, and fans can’t wait for it to go down!

Chris Brown fills like he’s been hit by a car these past few weeks, and now more drama. There is even more fallout from the New York City nightclub brawl reportedly linked to members of Drake and Chris Brown‘s camps.


The “New York Daily News” says the New York State Liquor Authority has yanked W.i.P.’s liquor license and written up the club for several violations.


W.i.P.’s affiliated club, Greenhouse, is also facing violations.


The agency said in a press release that it would not tolerate “violent bars that break the law.”


Including the June 14th disturbance that resulted in several injuries at W.i.P., the State Liquor Authority cites ten separate assaults and altercations at both W.i.P. and Greenhouse in recent months. READ MORE

Chris Brown and Drake famously got into a fist fight over Rihanna last month and now a boxing promoter is offering them big bucks to step into the ring… READ MORE