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Tekashi’s girlfriend shared a reecent photo of the two. She compared his crime to Sammy and the Bull, saying, “Sammy the Bull kills 19 people and gets 5 years. You kill no one and get 2 years. This s**t is so f****d up.” Tekashi 6ix9ine’s may be in danger in prison, but the judge still is not letting him out. READ MORE


Ray J is speaking out about recent rumors concerning his sexuality. In a statement to, the “For The Love of Ray J” star proclaims, quote, “I’m not gay but at the same time I got love for gay people because I work with gay people and I got a couple of friends that gay and that’s cool.” Former “For The Love of Ray J” contestant Monica “Danger” Leon started the speculation when she came forward to claim that the “Sexy Can I” singer is actually a homosexual. While Ray J says he still has love for “Danger,” he believes that she made false statements about his sexuality after he failed to return her calls.

He adds, quote, “We both upset with each other but it’s ok because I’m going to work it out with her soon and we gonna be friends again.” Ray J’s sister, Brandy, also chimed in on “Danger’s” allegations tweeting, quote, “I need for Danger to watch her tongue!!! To say my brother is gay because he didn’t return her calls is DUMB.” All-new episodes of VH1’s “For The Love of Ray J” air Mondays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Here is what Ray J’s sister Brandy said..


Here is the video of Danger Talking about Ray J…