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Keyshia Cole and hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson wed in Hawaii this past weekend with family and friends. Earlier in the year the couple had a private ceremony in Las Vegas, Arizona and decided to have another one on the beautiful island. Whats better than having one wedding?..Having two. READ MORE

Keyshia Cole is swinging back into action and hard! The starlet sat down with Billboard recently and gave them the inside scoop about her new plans. She gushed to Billboard about her new album saying, “I just kind of lay out all my emotions then we start from there. I usually work with big name producers and stuff like once all from my heart and soul is out that I need to get out”.  I’m sure she has a lot in her heart and soul to get out too that may pertain to her husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, who she wed in May. Seems like Keyshia’s following the Hollywood trend to get married first and then have a lavish wedding reception later. READ MORE

Wedding Pics of Keyshia and Boobie Gibson

There is noting like black love! I reported earlier that my homegirl Keyshia Cole and her longtime boo, NBA player Boobie Gibson got married over the weekend. The two wed in a small intimate ceremony in Cleavland on Saturday.

Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Gibson from your boy FreddyO, I wish you all the best.

Check out the photos Boobie twitpic’d


Keyshia Cole Is Really Going To Be A Mommy


Rumors have been circulating about my homie Keyshia Cole being pregnant, well I am here to confirm that she is, she should be around 4-5 months now. Keyshia was out at a Cav’s game supporting her man Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and was sporting a very visible baby bump. Keyshia has been on hiatus for a minute and just wants her fans to know its not permanent. She has been having some me time and enjoying her new family and her boo. I was also told that it was going to a baby boy. I just think Keyshia should name the baby FreddyO that would be great! LOL don’t ya’ll agree? Here are some pics below of them giving back to the community.