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Dave Chappelle recently made his return to standup with two back-to-back Netflix specials. Fair warning before you watch: There’s rape jokes and plenty of transphobia in his two sets. If you can deal with that, by all means, watch, there are some other funny moments.



Rapper Kanye West is pulling in the cash and making fans happy on the East Coast and now on the West Coast since he’s performing for the L.A. Made in America Festival.

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In the past five years that XXL has been picking Freshman classes, never once has making the list been easy. This year included. Similar to 2011, the hype around the Freshmen Class has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, surprising even us with its popularity. For this class the buzz began earlier than ever, four months before the cover was even shot. And it seemed like everyone had a list. From subdued music fans to diehard rap junkies, from Twitter stalkers to industry heavies and featherweights, folks wanted their list to be the XXL list. We listened, asked opinions, took notes.

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