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Breaking News : Cure for Type II Diabetes Almost Found

New research suggests weight-loss surgery might be better than drugs at controlling a type of diabetes. A Cleveland Clinic study found that people who had the surgery were much more likely after a year to have control of type 2 diabetes. Those who didn’t have the surgery in the study got an advanced form of a non-insulin medication treatment.

One of the scientists said improvement in blood sugar readings occurred within “days and hours” of the surgery. He noted that many of the weight loss surgery patients left the hospital with normal blood sugar readings. Results of the study are published in the “New England Journal of Medicine.” READ MORE

Comedian Patrice O’Neal Dies at age 41!!!!

Damn man we can’t even end off the year without another person passing on. For everybody who don’t know funnyman Patrice O’Neal has passed away this afternoon.

It’s so sad, we’re losing yet another fellow black person in the entertainment world. Patrice O’Neal was an American stand-up comedian, radio personality, and actor. Most known for his cutting, often confrontational crowd work during which he often plays couples against each other. Which was always so damn FUNNY!!!

He died on November 28, 2011 following complications from a stroke he suffered a month earlier which was diabetes-related and he never fully recovered from it. SMFH!!!! READ MORE

People suffering from diabetes may face another medical problem. A newly released study says those who suffer from the blood sugar disease are also at higher risk for certain cancers. Researchers polled nearly 400-thousand adults in a phone survey. They discovered 16 out of every 100 diabetic men and 17 out of every 100 diabetic women said they’re also dealing with cancer. An earlier study released in April found diabetic women showing an eight-percent increased risk of developing cancers. Diabetic men had a nine-percent higher risk when prostate cancer was deleted from the data.