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A stroke led to the passing of Oscar nominated director John Singleton. He was removed from life support and has transcended at age 51. Singleton left behind a legacy in Hollywood and in his personal life. Sources at TMZ report, that the FX drama “SnowFall” will keep Singleton’s executive producer title on the program.



Tyler Perry’s 10 film “Tempation” is estimated to make $22 million at the box office. This is good news despite the rumors and trash talk about Kim K’s role in the movie. Read more inside to see more details about Tyler’s most sexualized film. READ MORE

I’m sure you’ve heard rumors that talk about the entertainment industry as being shady. Well today’s showdown between Teyana Taylor and movie director Jean -Claude La Marre. This comes as news to me, but Teyana had been filming Gangs of Roses 2 alongside Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa when she started to have a toothache. Things got ugly when the director, La Marre, wouldn’t let her leave the set using the car service. Teyana popped off on dude but she must have picked the wrong one! La Marre pushed her back after she got in his face and from there things got even crazier ending with the two getting separated by crew members and Teyana leaving with a busted lip and nose, plus a ripped shirt and blood on her shorts. READ MORE