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Surprising details have emerged about the relationship between actress Countess Vaughn and her ex-boyfriend David Benjamin Richard Whitten. The former reality star was reportedly dealing with extreme physical abuse at the hands of her ex for years.

XXXTentacion’s posthumously off the hook for an alleged beating of his ex-girlfriend.

TMZ is reporting that Nick Gordon, boyfriend of the beloved Bobbi Kristina, was arrested for beating up his current girlfriend.  According to TMZ…

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend who was found legally responsible for her death — has been arrested for domestic violence and kidnapping his current girlfriend.
Gordon was taken into custody Saturday afternoon in Sanford, Florida. He’s facing 2 charges — domestic violence battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment of an adult.
Sources close to the girlfriend tell TMZ … Nick allegedly beat her up Friday night so badly she had to go to the hospital.


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Ray Rice To Donate 2016 NFL Salary

Ray Rice, Janay Palmer

Ray Rice hasn’t played on an NFL field since his time with the Baltimore Ravens in 2013. In an infamous video, Rice struck his now-wife and knocked her unconscious in an elevator. The scandal broke national headlines and resulted in Rice being discharged from the NFL in 2014. In a new interview, he told USA TODAY that he will donate his entire 2016 NFL salary if he is drafted by a team.


False Accusations Or Nah?


Recently, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been going back and forth about their recent separation and accusations of domestic violence on Amber’s end. Apparently the things she allegedly said like: : “Stop hitting me!!!” were obviously valid and taken serious, until that is witnesses said Amber and Johnny were literally were 6 yards apart from one another when this was said. This clearly means that him hitting her could not be possible. What do we think about this?

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Apparently, there were two securities guards right there outside of the room letting them have their space for arguing. As soon as they heard Amber scream they bolted through the doors and found Johnny in the kitchen and Amber on the couch. This right here would have implied that they were at least 20 feet away from one another.


Now, domestic violence is nothing to play with and for these accusations to now come out to be false is just disappointing. It’s disappointing for many reasons, because I don’t think celebrities understand that they are icons and role models for many people. A woman who has been in an abuse relationship for however long who looks up to her is now let down because you took her reality as a joke.

You made false accusations for what? Money? a Lawsuit?

The sooner we all realize that being on this earth loving in the most honest and truest ways that we can is bigger than us, the sooner life will be less chaotic!



Kyle L. Norman, one-fourth of the popular Grammy-nominated R&B group Jagged Edge, was arrested Thursday morning after police responded to what has been described as a “fight call.”