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 Terrell Owens  can’t seem to get things together when it comes to his baby mama drama . Owens appeared on Dr. Phil with three of his — in Dr. Phil’s words — baby mamas to try to work out some of the drama and now it looks like he’s headed to jail if he misses court again.  Owens told an Atlanta radio station that, despite professional setbacks and bad investments, he’s not broke.

Still, T.O. conceded that his “circumstances have changed.” And those circumstances could change again — into jail time — if he doesn’t start making his child-support payments. READ MORE

Dr. Phil interviews The Braxtons on Thursday March 1st

Finally the time has come we have all been waiting for? What advice will the happily married relationship guru counselor Dr Phil have for the Braxton Women? Will he be able to drag the dirt out of everyone like we hoping Wendy Williams will do as host on the Braxton ReUnion Show? (Airs March 29th) Be sure to find out this Thursday March 1st. Check out the Clip READ MORE

Toni Braxton & Sisters Tamar, Towanda, Trina,, Tracey, and even Momma Evelyn Braxton were all spotted at the taping of the “Dr Phil” show in Hollywood, CA. They were NOT audience guests either! Seems Dr. Phil’s production crew reached out to Towanda Braxton’s new PR team and they made it happen. Check out some pics I received from backstage. The show air date will be announced in a couple days. I can just imagine the Dr. Phil show will never be the same. Towanda and her sister Tracey camera ready as usual! Who’s doing that hair? Derek J?
I hope Tamar got some good advice. READ MORE

The Wendy Williams Show & The View Back For A New Season


Yooo, Wendy Williams and the ladies of the The View are back with new sets, new interviews and plenty of talk. They are back and revamped and hopefully this season will be better than ever. I caught Wendy’s show today and I gotta say, it was slacking a little bit. Wendy just got off her summer tour and it was tight, but I need to see more content! Next week, she’s supposed to have Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen on the show, and I’m hoping she’ll go in. The View had Dr. Phil today, and tomorrow is former Vice President Dick Cheney…I’m sure Whoopi will be telling somebody off! Haha.

See footage below: READ MORE

Today the internet was going crazy over the release of early footage from Oprah’s biggest show tapping ever, the LAST ONE! Oprah and her team quickly went to the Internet this morning schowering for the early footage that was not to be released to YouTube and other sites. Amongst the footage released was speeches and most of all the 1st ever performance of Beyonce’s Girls Run the World. Beyonce’s team quickly forced YouTube to pull any content down. So if you didn’t see it this morning you’ll have to wait until next week when the show airs. Better yet tune in to tonight’s episode of Ameican Idol and watch the release of the Official Video! READ MORE