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UPDATE: Is Justin Bieber’s Dad Responsible?


Jeremy Bieber — Justin Bieber‘s father — just might be completely responsible for his son’s DUI arrest, and had a pretty heavy hand in helping to tainting both Justin Bieber’s childhood and adolescent life.

Source Says Khloe And Lamar Are Not Separated


TMZ reports that Lamar is finally back home.

The celebrity news site reported that Lamar returned home Monday after Khloe kicked out of their house when he refused her attempt at an intervention.

Photos were snapped of Lamar packing his things in his car and leaving the house last Wednesday, and he had been missing since.

According to Jeff Schwartz, Lamar’s agent, Khloe knew exactly where he was, and a source told E! News that rumors of their separation were false.

At any rate, Khloe is determined to help Lamar get his life back on track, and that Lamar is now “open to reason and listening to the people who love him the most.”

TMZ goes on to report that no decision has been made on possible treatment, but Lamar is “receptive.”


Source: TMZ, New York Daily News

Written by Danie Buchanan

Is Soulja Boy Addicted To Codeine?


Rumors have always circulated this last few years that Soulja Boy is addicted to one drug or another. It may be hard to fight the rumor that he’s addicted to codeine syrup according to his Instagram. Looking through the pictures it’s really obvious that the rapper is really sick, someone close to him is, or…he might be addicted to codeine. Look inside for more pics from his Instagram. READ MORE

Breaking News : Cure for Type II Diabetes Almost Found

New research suggests weight-loss surgery might be better than drugs at controlling a type of diabetes. A Cleveland Clinic study found that people who had the surgery were much more likely after a year to have control of type 2 diabetes. Those who didn’t have the surgery in the study got an advanced form of a non-insulin medication treatment.

One of the scientists said improvement in blood sugar readings occurred within “days and hours” of the surgery. He noted that many of the weight loss surgery patients left the hospital with normal blood sugar readings. Results of the study are published in the “New England Journal of Medicine.” READ MORE

Bruno Mars Addresses Cocaine Arrest Incident

bruno mars

Fans of Bruno Mars were shocked after he was busted two years ago in Las Vegas for possessing cocaine. He somehow managed to avoid going to prison or serving the community by pleading guilty and giving condition that he’ll stay out of trouble for the next year. But he never spoke up about that.

For the first time after two years, the singer has told Piers Morgan Tonight that he doesn’t live his life with regrets nor does he dwell on anything. He said, “It happened, it must’ve happened for a reason.”

He added that the arrest case is something he moved past and he hoped that everyone else he came across would move past it as well.

Pretty simple and straight answer to the incident, right? Now check out a bunch of photos I caught on Taletela of Bruno Mars in London.

Grammy Award winning rapper Eminem and his newest signee to his Shady 2.0 Record Label Yelawolf cover the December/January 2012 issue of Vibe magazine. The rappers share the same magazine cover with T.I. who will also appear on a seperate cover, both issues will hit stands on December 6th. Check inside for an excerpt of the two rappers discussing their past using hard drugs and race in Hip Hop. READ MORE