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What People Think Of Essence ?

Are you thinking about going to Essence? If you never been then you might want to start saving your coins now and make sure you are there this year. Check out last year’s show what the people thought of their essence fest experience. There were alot of Essence Fest Virgins and Essence Vets; this is what they thought. Watch the video here from FreddyO TV . 


112: And then there were 2

They just put out a dope R&B album, and got the 112 fans excited about being back. However, this year at the Essence Festival before Mike and Slim hit the Essence Super Lounge that it’s just him. Now as far as their brothers, Q and Duran and what’s next watch the interview what they say …


ESSENCE FEST 2018- The People Speaks!!!!

New Orleans was super litty from the Essence Festival this year. The concerts, convention center events, and Bourbon Street this year was a super experience. Freddy O was in the mix of it all. Find out what the people are talking about Essence Festival Experience 2018.  If you didn’t then after watching this Essence Festival Recap, you will want to start looking for tickets, rooms , for next year. Watch the exclusive recap here.