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Game of Thrones fans say episode was too dark!

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The final season. #GameofThrones

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Reportedly from TMZ:

Game of Thrones is now on its 8th and final season, however, as viewers watch the face off against the Army of the Dead at the Battle of Winterfell, viewers say they feel like the latest episode was too dark! 



If you can’t get enough of T.I. then his new documentary “Beyond The Trail” may be what your looking for. This will be the rapper’s first full length documentary and it gives fans an even deeper look into who he is and how he came to be one of the hottest rappers today. Watch the trailer inside. READ MORE

Nicki Minaj Fans Battle Legendary Cher Via Twitter?!?

It looks like Nicki Minaj’s fans GO HARD for their favorite Barbie as they took to the rappers defense when a tweet went wrong and sent fans in a frenzy. Apparently a fan of singer Cher tweeted the singer about a line out of Nicki’s song “Did It On Em” that referred to Cher and was assumed to be a diss. Cher of course sent her response to the diss which caused Barbz and Kenz around the world  to let Cher know how they really felt about the situation….. Check inside for the hilarious tweet battle. READ MORE

Kim Kardashian is still catching backlash about her recent divorce. This time is comes from Tyler Perry fans. Many fans of Tyler Perry have been hitting his website and letting him know just how they feel. One comment read, ” I believe it is against your better judgment to have Kim Kardashian star as a supporting actress in your upcoming movie.  You still have a moral responsibility to your supporters to maintain a level of integrity when it comes to casting your movies.  I have to boycott this film if Kim Kardashian is part of this project”

That’s crazy! A fan is willing to boycott the film if she’s casted in it?!?! Tyler this isn’t looking good homie! Check inside to see more of what his fans had to say about Kim K being casted in the movie. READ MORE

It appears that Kanye West’s standout personality has put him in the spotlight of his fans in Alabama. Hundreds of his fans want Kanye to speak out against the HB 56 law that has been signed into law. Not surprisingly, a college student by the name of William Anderson started the movement on Anderson caught word that Kanye is in Alabama to gear up for his Watch The Throne tour and thought that this would be the perfect time to enlist Kanye’s help. Read inside to find out more of what HB 56 is and why citizens of Alabama want this changed. READ MORE

If you’re a Bow Wow fan and go over and beyond for him, don’t worry, he’s feels the same way about you. In a recent video, we see rapper Bow Wow going off on the police for cutting his show short out in Indianapolis for the Circle City Classic Weekend. In the video, we see all of his fans screaming and hollering his name while he’s goes around greeting them….on his way out. READ MORE

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