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Frank Ocean’s daddy is suing hip hop mogul Russell Simmons for $142 million dollars over comments made on Global Grind. Everybody know the internet has no qualms about going all the way IN. You can’t have thin skin in this business.

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“GQ” magazine is putting Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” at the top of its list of 21 albums from the 21st century that every guy should listen to.

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Vibe questions Frank Ocean’s comeback ability after having almost 4 months of radio silence from his camp.



Singer Frank Ocean wants to have continuity with his brand. And is changing his name as a result.



We haven’t heard much from Frank Ocean these days. Once he was the talk of the town. But the hype has seemed to died down tremendously. And now it seems, there’s a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement on one of his records.


Chris BrownChris Brown is swinging back at Frank Ocean’s cousin for filing a lawsuit linked to an alleged fight at a West Hollywood recording studio.  According to court documents obtained by, Brown has filed a countersuit against Sha’Keir Duarte, who claims that Brown’s bodyguard punched and kicked him as members of the two singers’ entourages clashed in January.   Get more details inside! READ MORE


Twenty year old Miley Cyrus is promoting her latest project.  She told Billboard that she’s not the ”white Nicki Minaj,” but she aspires to be the “female Miguel and Frank Ocean.” Check it out READ MORE

MTV To Launch Online-Only Music Festival



MTV along with Vh-1 and CMT plans to launch a 24-hour online concert on June 19, 2013 starting at 7:00 pm EST in an attempt to bring music to the masses. READ MORE