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Say goodbye to the days of rappers having beef with each other. R&B artists have taken the spot. I’m sure all of you saw the beef between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean unravel on twitter. Well now it looks like there might be some beef between Frank Ocean and his label mate The Dream now. Frank has a new song out called “Dreamkilla”. The Dream tweeted:


Wow after watching this video, if definitely believe that this whole Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fiasco has gone too far. A few days ago Frank Ocean and Chris Brown got in a petty beef via twitter over Frank Ocean mistakenly took Chris Brown’s compliment to him and his work as a dis. Chris came back with hella insults and it went on from there to now some young guys harassing Frank Ocean on the street attempting to fight him.

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Now the homie Chris Brown is out to bat with Frank Ocean. Apparently Chris Brown send out a tweet to Frank Ocean complimenting him on their style of music comparing him to young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum. Well needless to say Frank took it as a diss and said Chris Brown reminds him of a young Sisqo or Ike Turner.

Damn! Chris has been going in on everybody, he doesn’t care who it is if you take a jab at him best believe he is going in for you.. Nevetheless this twitter beef is entertaining and petty..LOL