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Now you know we don’t normally feature JoJo, but here’s a petty dope cover that the pop singer did to Drake’s new track Marvin’s Room. Now Marvin’s Room is a laidback song focusing on a man’s drunken call to a former girlfriend, and Jojo does a great job of switching the gender roles on her cover. There’s also a lot of f***’s spread throughout the track, somewhat strange coming from the former teen pop star. Check out the track and tell me what y’all think about the cover. How does it compare to the Drake’s? Let me know in the comments!

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My girl Kelly Rowland has been doing it big lately! Her single ‘Motivation’ is currently the number one urban song in the country, but you could probably guess that already with the fifty-leven remixes of it that are out. Well, here’s another one to add to the list, but people are saying that this could be the best remix of ‘Motivation’ yet. The Motivation (Urban Mix) features verses from Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz, and Fabolous, and I gotta say it’s HOT. Check it out!



Kelly has also been busy in the U.K. filming for the country’s version of The X-Factor.



In case you don’t know, The X-Factor is a competition show similar in style to American Idol, and there’s actually an American version premiering later this year. She was looking GOOD in Glasgow as she exited her hotel to go watch auditions from the many hopefuls wanting to earn a spot on the show.

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Hot 100 princess Rihanna has released another video from her LOUD album. ‘Man Down’ is the fifth single to be released from the singer for this era, and this clip has a dark undertone in contrast to the generally light hearted videos Rihanna has put out for this album. The video includes her shooting a man, as the lyrics state, as well as the events leading up to that shooting.

While similar to her videos for her last studio album, Rated R, this clip is for lack of a better words, boring. A lot could have been done with such a visually based song but it seemed like this clip relied on Rihanna standing around and posing.

Basically, Rihanna’s gotta do better if she wants that reign not to let up y’all. LOL.

Excerpts from Rihanna’s interview with Cosmo Magazine have also surfaced, and they are… interesting. Get inside Rihanna’s head right here!

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One of ATL’s own princess’s, Miss Tiffany Evans, has put a cover of the Beyoncé  song ‘Speechless’ up on her youtube channel. Now you know Tiffany is my homegirl, so I might be a little biased, but she KILLS the track.  Everyone knows that Beyoncé can sing, and this is a song that requires actual SINGING, and Tiffany proves that she can do just that with this interpretation.

So tell me in the comments what y’all think about Miss Tiff’s sangin’? LOL.

So it looks like Ms. Kelly has a bona fide hit on her hands with this one! After numerous false starts, the singer has edged closer to the stardom of her Destiny’s Child counterpart with Motivation, which has just reached the top of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart. The slinky jam, which featured Lil Wayne, has also achieved this feat with very little promotion from Kelly herself, and despite only being released to Urban music formats.

Motivation is now Kelly’s best performing solo single to date, and should help get the ball rolling on her much-delayed ‘Here I Am’ LP, which is due later this year. You can do it Kelly! We believe in you baby! LOL

Speaking of Destiny’s Child members, footage of Beyoncé was captured yesterday, showing a rare behind the scenes look at the power of her voice. The footage was captured by Jay Z, and shows her singing her new single 1+1 backstage before her performance on the season finale of American Idol. As usual, Bey KILLS this impromptu performance, showing why she should be counted for her voice as well as her hit making ability.

Y’all thought it was over with Eddie didn’t y’all? Well apparently, it might be soon. I just got breaking news that The Bishop of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has reportedly reached an agreement with the four men who claimed that Long coerced them into sexual relationships. The troubled pastor could only reach the settlement after some mandatory court-ordered mediation sessions. But apparently he’s off the hook, if at least for now. We probably won’t know the details until gag orders are lifted in ten years and the tell-all books come out.

What are y’alls thoughts about Eddie’s settlement? Let me know in the comments!

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