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If you were fortunate enough in this economy to have an extra $500, $2500, or $10,000 mattress money laying around then you may have been able to eyewitness Barack Obama our President on Greenbriar Parkway at Tyler Perry Studios. In the house was Mayor Kasim Reed, Rev Dr Joseph Lowery and his wife, Ceelo Green (performing 4 songs including 1/2 the x-rated version of $#%-U. Really Ceelo? “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”, Takeo Spikes (NFL LB for the San Diego Chargers, Ceasar Mitchell, Angie Stone, Jamie Foster Brown,(publisher of Sister to Sister Mag) and a host of other prominent political people and random people who had that mattress money on deck for their President’s fundraiser.

I thought you might like this video where Barack Obama gave it up for “Tyler Perry” a man who 12 years ago was homeless but never gave up on his dream.


Also check out some pics of the tasty treats that were there as well. Tyler Perry Studios is really a place where dreams do come to life.


I am very proud to have a Black President and very Proud to have a man like Tyler Perry in Atlanta, GA that never forgets his people! Check out the photos and video below… READ MORE

Black people! Why must we continuously take 3 steps forward and then 10 steps back. Ceelo is my homie but you know I guess this was a case of “Keeping it Real Going Wrong”. You know how when you were little and your parents had company & you had to put on your good clothes and be on your best behavior or you knew you was gonna get that whippen? Well, I think Ceelo forgot the Press was gonna give him that Whippen for using bad language when Tyler Perry had company, Good Company “President Barack Obama”. I guess Ceelo Green was having a Bobby Brown Moment. Check out the clip below. Notice mid-way during the song Ceelo felt a certain kinda way and switched to the Pg-version and then switched back. READ MORE

Watching the trailer to Tyler Perry’s new movie “Good Deeds” made me tear up! That’s right a Grown A## Man tears up at times. But to hear via TMZ that Tyler Perry rushed to the LA hospital when he heard the news about Whitney Houston & offered her family his private jet to fly her body back….WOW! I’m speechless! You hear about celebrities pulling together and most of the time it’s for some fund raiser to make someone else more rich but this was truly a Good Deed for real. No, Tyler’s media camp is not paying me to promote his new movie! Good people coming through at the right time is very uncommon now. My heart goes out to Ms Cissy Houston. According to the AJC the funeral is set to take place Friday or Sat in NJ not Atlanta. The Rev Jesse Jackson will conduct the sermon. We have truly lost an angel, but I think now heaven will give Whitney her wings. RIP Whitney Houston. Thank God for people like Mr. Tyler Perry. I’m speechless.

A troubled serial dating Kim Kardashian broke down in tears on a season Finale of “Kim and Kourtney takes New York” admitted she feels bad about her failed marriage, wasting everybody’s time and money after reminiscing back on her $10 Million Dollar wedding. Well, I know she is in Tyler Perry’s new movie but if this is how she is practicing getting that Oscar then she may need a few more acting classes. I loved the way she tried to cry pretty so as not to smear her mascara. NOT BELIEVABLE KIM! You were right about you SUCK though. Keep your chin up! Well maybe you need to keep your chin down more. Isn’t that how you became famous in the first place? Chin down, pictures up! Roll em! You can always go back to the basics love! Take a look at these fake tears! READ MORE


Tyler Perry might just be the hardest worker in Hollywood. The media titan’s newest film, “Good Deeds” will be released Feburary 24th, 2012 and features a star-studded cast.  This film features heavy weights like Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad, Brian White, Beverly Johnson, and many more! Keep reading to peep the new trailer READ MORE