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The music industry is constantly evolving, in the way music is created, consumed and shared. In the last 25 years, music has gone from cassettes to compact discs to MP3s to streaming out of thin air with many stops in-between. The industry has done its best to adjust not only the way it tracks sales but also how it rewards music for its quality.


Kendrick Lamar Dropping Surprise Album Soon!?

If you have Spotify and were searching for Kendrick Lamar, you may have thought your eyes were playing a trick on you. Many fans saw that an entirely new album from Kendrick Lamar was uploaded.  READ MORE

Rihanna has finally opened up about her relationship now with Chris Brown. She talks to Rolling Stonemagazine about her newly rekindled relationship with ex-boyfriend. More details inside. READ MORE

Alicia Keys Releases New Album Title: “Girl on Fire”


Over the summer Alicia Keys released her latest track “New Day” people began to anticipate her next album. Well, wait no longer. BET is now reporting that Alicia has just released the title of her current project, “Girl of Fire”.

With marriage and motherhood influencing the songstress’ creativity since her last effort, 2010’s The Element of Freedom, Keys is in a new place and shining with a stronger flame.

“Girl on Fire is about new beginnings, new perspectives and fresh starts…stripping away all the bad energy in your life and taking full control of the reigns and how you want to live,” she stated on her website.


Common says rumors that he and Drake got into a physical altercation at the Grammy Awards are not true. Speaking with TSN’s “SportsCentre,” Common revealed that the two actually had a “good conversation” during the ceremony. Common says he’s always had respect for Drake’s talents, adding that he’s “learned to respect him even more” now that they’ve had a chance to talk. Common goes on to explain that his issue with Drake was never over his ex-girlfriend, tennis star Serena Williams. The rapper notes that he only had problems with Drake because he was publicly criticizing him. READ MORE

Kanye Shares Random Thoughts In Twitter Vent

Kanye West is on a Twitter tear. The hip-hop star took to his twitter account Wednesday night, unleashing a marathon of tweets on a variety of subjects ranging from his new fashion line to his disappointment in America’s educational system. Kanye went on at length in several tweets about his fashion line Donda, likening his vision for success to that of late visionaries like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, pop superstar Michael Jackson and fashion designer Alexander McQueen. READ MORE