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B.o.B held an epic private listening party for his latest project “No Genre 2” at Tree Sound Studios with special guest T.I. and Mike Fresh! Nobody can party like Grand Hustle and nobody can host a party like my girl Mali Hunter of Tree Sound Studios.


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T.I. Discusses Iggy Azalea’s Place In Hip-Hop


Rapper T.I. has a lot to say about his former Grand Hustle protegé Azalea and her influence on HIP HOP.

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It’s going down this weekend on Peters Street thanks to the 3rd Annual Hustle Gang Block Party on Peter’s Street presented by rapper T.I.
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[Update]: T.I. & Tiny Back Together.


After taking time to think about it, the couple has decided NOT to part ways just yet. Shekinah just confirmed that unfortunately so many crazy rumors have been going out all over the internet. Shekinah’s [Tiny’s best friend] would never want her best friend to go through foolishness.


New T.I. Album Coming 2014!

The big homie T.I. is making things happen and 2014 is looking like the year of GRAND HUSTLE with a new album from T.I. on his very own label.

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Lamarius Moss Fake Grand Hustle 2So, if you think anybody from Grand Hustle is really accepting $10 demo submissions, you are as lame as Lamarius Moss.  And who is Lamarius Moss? Good question.  That’s what Grand Hustle wants to know???

Lamarius Moss Fake Grand Hustle FacebookApparently Lamarius has been taking money from artists and lying to them saying he is going to sign them to Grand Hustle.  Looks like he got his hands on some Grand Hustle memos from 2007 and made some fake contracts from them.  But hold up, wait a minute, it doesn’t stop there. This cat got the Instagram, Facebook, and Linked page talking about he’s an A&R at Grand Hustle!!!  ALL LIES!!!! READ MORE