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Gregg Leakes Nene Leakes Husband is cancer free


After battling a difficult fight with cancer, sources say Gregg Leakes is Cancer Free!



Gregg Leakes threw an amazing intimate birthday party for NeNe Leakes at STK Atlanta surrounded by close family and friends. NeNe Leakes discovered an earlier surprise party and told her hubby not to do anything special for her birthday. 


Gregg heard her words and decided to fly in close family from out-of-town and to pull together their close friends to throw an amazing birthday bash for his lady. The big homie Gregg does it BIG. He shut down STK Atlanta and we partied the night away with good food, good drinks, and wonderful company.
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PHOTOS: NeNe Leakes is Thankful this Thanksgiving!


NeNe Leakes has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and she decided to invite her whole family come up from Athens to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Well it’s official! The Season Finale of I Dream of Nene aired last night and it was the wedding of the year!

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My home girl NeNe Leakes hosted ‘I Dream of NeNe’ watch party last night with special guests former NFL player Chuck Smith and wife Mynique Smith.


Find out if the Smiths is the newest couple joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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Everybody is loving I Dream of NeNe and the ratings are out and 1.44 million viewers are watching the show.

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Last night I got the chance to kick it with one of my favorite couples NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes at their “I Dream of NeNe” Viewing Party at Frank Ski Restaurant. We had an awesome time of good food, drinks, and chatter as we all tuned into the third episode of the highly enjoyable “I Dream of NeNe“.

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NeNe Deals with Family Issues on ‘I Dream of NeNe’

Nene Greg Leakes

Nene Greg Leakes

‘I Dream of NeNe’ is giving us a closer glimpse inside the Leakes household and it’s INTERESTING! Check out our recap of episode two of ‘I Dream of NeNe’ below. READ MORE

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