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What Is Life?


I know everyone has seen the social media post of George Zimmerman putting the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin up for sale, correct? Well, if you haven’t not to long ago he did and social media went up in such an apparent uproar that the bid was removed. However, I think the bid was removed for more technical reasons then just that.

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Image: Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office booking photograph of George Zimmerman

A lot of fake bids started to come in and the site decided to remove the gun. Here we are thinking that these people actually care about the inhumane reason for putting that gun up for sale but they did not. This was taken so much for a joke that the bid was actually placed right back up a few minutes later and the bids started rolling in again.


The bids got up to about 400,000 yesterday and today it was confirmed that the gun was sold for over 120,000 DOLLARS. I guess that’s what African American lives worth nowadays, huh? Our lives are as much of a mockery as they were about 25 years ago, right?

This news disgusted me but we all need to know what is happening in this crazy, crazy world. If there is more good than bad than the outcome has to change, it has to.

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