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People question celebrities all the time about their commiment to the community. Earlier this week we watched Tom Joyner grant Rachel Jeantel with resources to help her obtain a GED, SAT prep, and a full academic scholarship to the HBCU of her choice. Earlier today we listened to Rickey Smiley tell Rachel Jeantel that they would help her with clothes, school supplies, and text books when she’s ready to head off to college. Now we have learned that Wale is doing his part to help a student of Hampton University stay in school by awarding a very special scholarship. READ MORE


I wish I could say the President spoke at my graduation, well if you went to school at Hampton University and graduated in 2010 you can say just that. President Obama on Sunday for the first time as president delivered a commencement address to a historically black college, Hampton University, telling graduates that they have “a separate responsibility” to become mentors to other young African-Americans to help close a persistent gap in educational achievement.

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick, left, and his fiancee, Kijafa Frink, listened to speeches during commencement ceremony..

Mr. Obama, clad in a “Hampton blue” robe, said the 1,072 graduates were better poised to enter an economy still recovering from recession and facing global competition than Americans without a college degree, who have an unemployment rate twice as high as those with a degree.

“I don’t have to tell you that too many folks back home aren’t as well prepared,” he said. “By any number of different yardsticks,” he added, “African-Americans are being outperformed by their white classmates, as are Hispanic-Americans. Students in well-off areas are outperforming students in poorer rural or urban communities, no matter what skin color. Globally, it’s not even close.”

Mr. Obama said all Americans have a responsibility “to change this, to offer every single child in this country an education that will make them competitive in our knowledge economy.”

But, he told the graduates, “all of you have a separate responsibility — to be role models for your brothers and sisters, to be mentors in your communities and, when the time comes, to pass that sense of an education’s value down to your children.”