Video: Chris Brown Gets Threatened & Harrassed In Downtown LA

Contributing Writer Feb 14 13 4 Comments

Chris Brown never seems to be out of the spotlight BUT this time it wasn’t him. A heckler who was VERY aggressive came very close to Brown’s car and started yelling profanity tow him. See video inside.

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Katt Williams Shares Why He Disrespected The Heckler + What He Missed Most About His Hometown

admin Sep 11 11 0 Comments

No one is ever quite prepared for what may come out of Katt Williams mouth. In an interview in his hometown of Cincinnati, he told interviewers at 101.1 The Wiz, that what he missed most about Cincinnati is “the white people”. He went on further to say that “we don’t realize the kind of white people we’re blessed with here until we go somewhere else”. He said that white people in Cincinnati made black people feel like they were “their neighbors”. Interesting. I’m just happy he  didn’t go on any racial rants this time that he would have to later come back and apologize for. Read More »