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The talented singer was busy making more headlines than music during 2016 after a number of controversial decisions with relationships with Monica had social media going nuts all year. Brandy has since posted a message about being in a dark place and how it affected her life.


I was on the internet trying to find ways to be a better leader in understanding the voice that I have and that I am finding.

For yall that don’t know I have added new team members to my FreddyO family and just wanted to find ways to get things done with out coming off like an a*s-hole…

This is a story that I found and I think if you are trying to grow mentaly it is the perfect article for you…. Check it out and tell me what you think!!!!

A friend sent me a copy of a new book about basketball coach Don Meyer. Don was one of the most successful college basketball coaches of all time, apparently. It’s quite a sad book—sad because of his tragic accident, but also sad because it’s a vivid story about a misguided management technque.

Meyer’s belief was that he could become an external compass and taskmaster to his players. By yelling louder, pushing harder and relentlessly riding his players, his plan was to generate excellence by bullying them. The hope was that over time, people would start pushing themselves, incorporating Don’s voice inside their head, but in fact, this often turns out to be untrue. People can be pushed, but the minute you stop, they stop. If the habit you’ve taught is to achieve in order to avoid getting chewed out, once the chewing out stops, so does the achievement. READ MORE