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Farrah Abraham will be facing off with Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander for her highly anticipated boxing match against bullying on Nov. 10, at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel. The fight’s promoter, Damon Feldman, released an official announcement revealing that Farrah and Hoopz will be the main event, and fans can’t wait for it to go down!

Shaq And Hoopz Headed For A Time Out!!??

There are rumors spreading that former NBA Allstar Shaquille “Shaq” Oneal and long time girlfriend  Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander” have split up.  Apparently after a visit to an Orlando Metro Gymnastics facility, Hoopz had a verbal altercation with one of the employee’s when she was told that they did not train people over the age of 18 due to insurance reasons.

Word is the romance between Shaq and fiancee Hoopz is over and didn’t end with out major drama. Sources report that Shaq had his fun and was ready to move on. I was told by  a very close source to him… READ MORE

Shaq And Girlfriend Hoopz Show PDA

Shaq and his girlfriend Hoopz (you remember her from the Flavor of Love) were seen out in Calabass, CA looking like they were deeply in love. I guess I could see why Shaunie would be upset that Shaq doesn’t spend as much time with the kids since he’s retired if he’s just running around California with Hoopz swooping spit. READ MORE

We all know Hoopz got her claim to fame by winning the first season of Flavor Of Love. Since then she has gone on to become a reality phenom and these days she is just chilling in he country town with her millionaire boyfriend NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. There have been many speculations surrounding their highly publicized romance, whether it’s just a media scandal or in fact real love. Flavor Flav was recently asked his thoughts on his old flames new found relationship.

Check out Flav’s response: READ MORE

Anyone who’s ever been hit by their better half in the middle of the night knows that snoring can be pretty frustrating for the person who isn’t the actual snorer. And anyone who’s ever done the hitting can tell you that it is about as high on the annoyance list as annoyances get.

But most tend to get over it, as their pretty little bird tweets away deep into dreamland. That said, not everyone has to share chambers with Shaquille O’Neal, all 7-1 and 300-pound whatever of him. If your better half sounds like a hummingbird, then this guy has to come off like a full blown diesel semi-engine.

Shaq And Hoopz Need Their Own Reality Show {Pics}


The homie NecoleBitchie just released some photos of what seems like Shaq and Hoopz having a little too much time on their hands.


The two are seen doing the little playful games I did as a child, too funny. Soon as I saw these pictures I instantly thought, The two need their own show. Hoopz and Shaq seem to really enjoy each other’s company. They do everything together from playing, working out you name it whatever they decide to do just know it’s comes with a sidekick. READ MORE

hoopz and shaq

Do you all think Hoopz is just letting the world know that she has upgraded from Flava Flav to “Gucci Row” at the basketball games? I don’t even know if that is a good look for Shaq. Do you think so?

Hey guys. It’s Hoopz here. I’ll be guest tweeting for Shaq tonight. – @TheRealHoopz

2 overtime games n a row!!! As a fan, can I get a woot woot?!! – @TheRealHoopz

2 reality D listers. Tweetin live. Straight from the @Celtics game. (me & @SurvivorShannon) – @TheRealHoopz


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