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Iggy Azalea has been quite a busy woman of late. Not only did she drop off some new music with Survive The Summer, but she also found herself at the center of a potential new relationship with NFL star DeAndre Hopkins; yesterday, she referred to the player as “her man,” and he responded in kind. The courtship rituals of a digital era; who needs a boombox when Instagram comment sections exist. In any case, the honeymoon was short-lived, potentially fizzling out before it could ever truly materialize. Today, Iggy took to Twitter to confirm that she is indeed single, thus implying the previous claims to be nothing more than harmless flirting.

Iggy Azalea excited her fans when she stripped off and went completely naked to celebrate the release of her new album, Survive The Summer. The 28-year-old uploaded a nude snap of herself, using a $2,000 Prada handbag to protect her modesty.

Feel No Ways!


Iggy Azalea was caught in the airport by paparazzi at the Australian airport saying that she has no words but only body language for the entire situation with Nick Young! So incase you all were not aware the person that Nick cheated on Azalea with was his baby mama, Keonna Green. See this right here is why I need to be in relations with someone who is childrenless and responsible. You feel me?

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The fact that you have the BALLS to bring another female in the house that we publicly call ours is absurd. Then on top of that the female is one that you are not only physically attracted too but also emotionally? And then to top it all off you get her pregnant with yours and hers second child together like you’re not in a relationship.


I just don’t get it. Nick’s baby mom is 22 weeks pregnant. Keonna apparently leaked news to US Weekly about her secret affair with Nick. She says they started hooking up in September which was 3 months after he proposed to Iggy.

In this case, Iggy definitely has a reason to be mad. However, I personally think all three of these individuals are jokes soo…

Life goes on!


Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard D’Angelo Russell is under a whirlwind of heat coming from his teammate Nick Young. D’Angelo secretly recorded a private  conversation that he and Nick had about having relations with a younger girl and about if he had reality star Amber Rose before.


There may not be a feud as on going and personal as whatever it is Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea have going on. Two have lashed out at each other in public on many occasions ans just when the fire between the two had dwelled, it reared its head back up again.  READ MORE

Iggy AzealaTMZ is reporting that Iggy Azalea that sources say she and her ex boyfriend, struggling Houston rapper Hefe Wine, have come to a unusually small settlement in the battle over whether Hefe has rights to her music and a sex tape he claims they shot together.  Get the details inside.

VIDEO: Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Are Engaged!