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Chrissy TiegenChrissy Teigen is never one to hide her feelings about ANYTHING!  So we were not surprised when she gave Hip Pop Aussie princess Iggy Azalea an EXTREME SIDE EYE on the 2015 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet.  iggy azaleaAfter an interview with her husband John Legend, the couple caught a glimpse of Iggy and Chrissy looked back at the camera with a “here comes this mess” look.  Too funny!  The Shade Room caught it!  Check out the clip below. READ MORE

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

Word on the curb in Houston, TX that Iggy Azalea and her “legal team” has sunk to an all time low to launch massive attacks against Hefe Wine (common law husband) of Iggy Azalea who recently filed for a divorce from AzaleaHEFE-WINE-FILED-FOR-DIVORCE-FROM-IGGY-AZALEA. If you recall Iggy Azalea has been caught in lie after READ MORE

Iggy Azalea Takes a Break from Social Media


Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is officially done with her social media! Azalea has had enough with people bullying her and is now allowing her management to handle her pages.

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hefe-wine-iggy-azalea-ftrThe Grammy nominee Iggy Azalea‘s “social media” alter ego has started her year out in court battling over music, divorce and crazy accusations. She’s got to have a better 2015 because in the latter part of 2014 Iggy shocked the world weekly lashing out on social media. Mo money, mo problems… READ MORE


So recently Kendrick Lamar did any interview with Billboard Magazine where he basically told everyone to relax on the Iggy bashing. Well the internet didn’t take to kindly to that so he became their next target. Well after that Iggy decided to break her silence and finally speak on the issue. Click MORE to see what she had to say.

Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks and Jhene Aiko are among the young artists on “Forbes'” annual “30 Under 30” list of musicians.

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Iggy Azalea Threatened by Hacker Group ‘Anonymous!’


Rapper Iggy Azalea has been threatened by a hackers group to apologize for what they feel were racist comments made to rival rapper Azealia Banks during a social media back-and-forth.

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Hefe Wine a Scumbag- Or Iggy Azalea A Beautiful Liar?

HefeIggyIggy Azalea you never cease to amaze the public with all your social media rants. Seems the Aussie Igloo Australia has been hit with yet another lawsuit over unreleased music again. Only not from Hefe Wine this time. James McMillan refers to Iggy as a “self serving and hypocritical liar.” In the past 6 months READ MORE