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Instagram Releases Statement Will Not Be Selling Photos



Instagram is making sure that everyone is aware the rumors that have been spread about their company selling photos in the new year are NOT true. The co-founder of the company put out an emergency statement guaranteeing the user’s photos will not be sold and there is no intentions to ever.

UPDATE: Diddy Has Multiple Injuries After Car Wreck

Diddy found out he can’t be much of a bad boy in the streets. He found himself a victim in a car wreck that smashed his Escalade into anther car outside of the Beverly Hills hotel on Wednesday, October 24th.


Diddy & Cassy In Love; Showing It On Twitter

Once again we have proof that Bad Boy Records C.E.O., Diddy and signee Cassie are a serious item as they have been posting their love for each other via twitter….photos inside


Chief Keef Tweets Naked Photos Of Himself

Chicago rapper, Chief Keef had his instagram account closed down for posting pics of sexual acts being performed on him on Sunday…..