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New Music: Jim Jones Featuring Jeremih & DJ SpinKing

New music from Jim Jones featuring Jeremih and DJ SpinKing dropped on iTunes yesterday.

Check it out after the break.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 1.01.10 AMSorry Baby Daddy is a hot song and I know yall are thinking “I am wrong for posting this on fathers day but look at it this way; Some baby daddy’s are saying “I’m sorry” on Father’s Day as they reflect on what could have been a better year. Dookie Blu summed it up pretty good READ MORE

For the 2nd leak from Bobby V’s upcoming release Dusk Till Dawn, Bobby teams up with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reality TV star K Michelle for an explosive mood setting bedroom song titled “Put It In” produced by The Platinum Brothers. READ MORE

In the midst of mourning the death of co-founder Adam Yauch, the Beastie Boys are being forced to answer to a lawsuit over their groundbreaking debut album “Licensed To Ill.” According to, the record label Tuf America filed suit against the recently-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act, just one day before MCA’s death from cancer last Friday.

Tuf America claims the Beasties illegally sampled portions of Trouble Funk’s songs “‘Say What” and “Drop the Bomb” for several tracks that appear on 1986’s “Licensed To Ill” and the album’s 1989 follow up “Paul’s Boutique.”


The Beasties’ songs in question include “Hold It Now Hit” and “The New Style” from “Licensed To Ill” and “Car Thief” and “Shadrach” on “Paul’s Boutique.”


Tuf America wants to take the case to trial to determine damages. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York last Thursday, also names Capitol Records.


Beastie Boys fans are flocking to the iTunes music store following the passing of one of the trio’s founding members.


Adam “MCA” Yauch died last Friday, May 4th, after a long battle with cancer. Since then, the surviving Beastie Boys have seen six of their albums return to the iTunes top 100 at some point. READ MORE

Jay-Z Spends $250,000 On Champagne In Miami

Sources are saying that Hov balled hard in Miami this past Sunday at the album release party for Watch The Throne. He is said to have dropped $250,000 for champagne and even threw in a $50,000 tip. It must be good to live like this when your Forbes top earner amongst other hip hop artists. We told you that Jay earned a whopping $37 million this past year so it makes sense that he would drop this kind of cash in Miami. In addition to being named Forbes top earner, he and Kanye West album Watch The Throne has broken iTunes sales records with estimated number of 290,000 downloads. READ MORE

I’m not sure what kind of marketing strategy this is but Jay-Z and Kanye West have decided to do some interesting things with the release of their new album Watch The Throne. Supposedly the album will be released on iTunes first, then four days later it will be made available to Best Buy. However, it will only be available at Best Buy for 10 days before it is made available for purchase at all the other record retailers. READ MORE

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