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Jamie Foxx Speaks About Staying Out of The Spotlight


Jamie Foxx, one of the busiest men in Hollywood, is also one of the most talked about! While promoting his new FOX show “Beat Shazam,” the 49-year-old actor/comedian/singer revealed how he handles all the attention that comes with being a celebrity.


Jamie Foxx Is The Target Of A Racial Slur

Reportedly, Croatian police have filed disorderly conduct charges against two people who allegedly used a racial slur to insult Jamie Foxx in a restaurant. Police said they received reports Sunday of “particularly arrogant and rude” insults made against restaurant guests, including “one of the guests on racial grounds.”


New Couple Alert!


Well, it’s not really a new couple, we’ve had our suspicions for about three years. But if you didn’t guess correctly, it’s Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes! Real Housewives of Atlanta alumna, Claudia Jordan spilled the beans during a recent appearance on the Allegedly podcast. Jamie and Katie have yet to confirm the relationship claims.


I received an interesting picture of Jamie Foxx a couple days ago where he’s seen wearing a wedding band. I thought it was interesting but did not know what to do with it. Word on the street is that the comedian/singer/actor is married to Katie Holmes!

What is really going on these streets?

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Jamie Foxx Jimmy FallonLast’s nights episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was so funny!  Jamie Foxx was their to promote his 5th studio album Hollywood: A Story of A Dozen Roses which hit stores last Friday, May 15, 2015.  Jamie Foxx Hollywood Album Cover

ICYMI: PHOTOS: Jamie Foxx Hosts Private Listening Party for Forthcoming Album ‘Hollywood’ in Atlanta

During the late night talk show, Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon played a game called The Tonight Shows Wheel of Musical Impressions.  Jamie ended up signing the Toys R Us jingle in John Legend’s voice and On Top of Spaghetti in Jennifer Hudson’s voice.  For a good laugh, check out the clip of the guys impersonations.  Too Funny! READ MORE



RCA hosted an incredible night full of music powered by Jaime Foxx‘s forthcoming album ‘Hollywood‘. This is the fifth album for the Grammy and Oscar winner. The night was truly electric as taste makers and influential music professionals got the chance to experience Jamie Foxx live and in living color.

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