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Rev. Jesse Jackson released a statement admitting he had an extramarital affair that resulted in a daughter who is now 12 years old. Now the mother of his baby is accusing him of not being able to pay the child support payments. READ MORE


The Rev. Jesse Jackson is once again in the news. However I don’t think anybody is prepared for this shocking story. Yo I am lost for words after reading GyantunPlugged and his story about Jesse.

Jackson’s former National Director of Community Affairs for The Rainbow Coalition, Tommy R. Bennett has filed a discrimination and wrongful termination complaint against the legendary civil rights, religious and political figure. According to published reports, Bennett claims he “was summoned to Rev. Jackson’s hotel room” at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel. And, was told to apply cream to Jackson who “had a rash between his legs” an order Bennett states that he refused. He was also asked by Jackson for sex, after Jesse came to the door in his briefs and a v-neck t-shirt.” LOL I know, you got to read the story its crazy…

I then went on to find out more info about the story, and found: READ MORE

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An editorial in a newspaper that focuses on the black communities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington is urging readers not to call the police in the event of an emergency. The editorial in “The Skanner” newspaper follows the police shooting of an African-American man last month. The article reads, in part, quote, “we cannot have faith that innocents won’t get caught in the firing line when trigger-finger officers arrive in force.”


Aaron Campbell was shot in the back by a Portland police officer. The incident brought in civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson to Portland for a rally this week. WOW.. What would yall do?


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