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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez are set to perform at the inauguration on January 20th! Future President Joe Biden called on these iconic women to lend their talents on one of the most anticipated nights for our country.

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President Obama awarded outgoing Vice President Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday afternoon. Calling the former longtime Delaware senator “the best vice president America’s ever had” and a “lion of American history,” Obama gave his White House partner the surprise award in an emotional ceremony, initially billed as a farewell.


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Twelve of the biggest celebrities are now victims of hacking. These big time celebs were hacked and private and sensitive material was released by the hacker including their financial detailed information. Law enforcement is on the case. See what celebs are victims inside. READ MORE

Rev. Jesse Jackson released a statement admitting he had an extramarital affair that resulted in a daughter who is now 12 years old. Now the mother of his baby is accusing him of not being able to pay the child support payments. READ MORE